Family Advisory Committee

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Want to become more involved with Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services?

Join the Family Advisory Committee (FAC). We want your voice, your input, your feedback and your ideas. You can make a difference!

The FAC is a devoted group of parents, other family members and/or substitute decision-makers of persons-served by Sunbeam, who support and promote Sunbeam’s Values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look through our FAQ document to find answers to the most common questions on the Family Advisory Committee.

What we do

  • As supportive volunteers of Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services, FAC members work with management and staff to promote our commitment to a person-centered approach in our services and programs
  • Provide input and feedback into the planning, evaluation and improvement of services and programs
  • Help develop FAC education sessions
  • Share practical information with other families and staff
  • Provide a family perspective on other committees and working groups of Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services, upon request
  • FAC is supported by an assigned staff assistant, who assists with scheduling, coordinating and communicating FAC meeting details, prepares meeting agendas based on FAC direction, takes minutes at each FAC meeting, helps to facilitate the meeting, and other administrative and recordkeeping functions. The staff assistant is a support to, not a member of, the FAC.

Getting Involved

  • Join the Family Advisory Committee
  • Share your experiences at presentations or family education sessions
  • Share your knowledge with another family

Contact Us

For more information about Sunbeam’s Family Advisory Council, including how to apply to join, please contact us by:

Telephone(519) 741-1121 extension 2225