Sandi Miles Scholarship Application

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The Board of Directors of Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services (Sunbeam) will provide up to two $2,500 awards annually, to eligible children or grandchildren of Sunbeam employees. Each award is to be applied against the cost of a full time, postsecondary study in a human services field, at a recognized college or university in North America.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Sandi Miles Memorial Scholarship:

a) The parent/grandparent must be a permanent full time or permanent part time employee of Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services and must have passed their probationary period.

b) The student must be enrolling in the first or a subsequent year of a full-time course of study in a human service field at a recognized college or university in North America, at either undergraduate or graduate level. The course of study must be a minimum of 2 years in length at the undergraduate/college level, and minimum of one year at the post graduate level; any full-time college or university program of lesser duration in the human services field, including but not limited to Personal Support Worker (PSW) certificate program, Developmental Service Worker (DSW) certificate program, Early Childhood Educator (ECE) and any “fast track” version of a qualifying program in the human services field.

c) The student intends to pursue a career in a human services field;

d) The student has submitted the required Application Form, and all supporting documentation, meeting the specified timelines.

Selection Criteria

Successful selection is based on both qualitative and quantitative considerations based on the information provided related to their assessed potential for success in their studies and relevance of the intended course of study toward a career in a human services field.


Completing the Application Process & Required Documentation:

All applicants wishing to be considered for this scholarship must submit the completed application form (below) by July 1st in the year of the application.

1) Applicants completing their high school education must:

a. Submit their completed Student Evaluation Form (Download the Student Evaluation Form) by July 1st in the year of the application

b. Submit Acceptance Letter from the post-secondary institute by July 15th in the year of the application


2) Current Post-Secondary applicants must submit their,

a. College/University previous year transcript by July 15th in the year of application


3) Applicants applying as mature students:

a. Submit Acceptance Letter from the post secondary institute by July 1st in the year of application

All required documentation must be sent to by the dates outlined above.

Please note: Only one application will be accepted from an applicant in any one calendar year. The
Scholarship Committee may require additional documentation, e.g., proof of college or university

The awarding of a scholarship will be determined after submission of all documentation above. The
payment of the scholarship award will be subject to the recipient’s providing proof of payment of tuition
fees for the year of application. Funds will be paid in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


Scholarship Committee Decisions

The decisions of the Scholarship Committee regarding eligibility of an applicant and awarding of a scholarship will be final.

At its discretion, the Scholarship Committee may choose,

1) To award only one of the two scholarships available annually,

2) Not to award any scholarship in any year, 

3) The scholarship may be awarded a second time to a current applicant, in a subsequent year to an applicant who is also a previous recipient if no other eligible applicants are identified in the granting year.


Applicant Education Details -- High School

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Applicant Education Details -- College University

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Work Experience. As applicable, list any jobs (including summer employment) you have held in the recent past

Additional work details?

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Personal Details Section

OPTIONAL DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION DISCLOSURE: Does the applicant and/or student and/or an immediate family member identify within at least one of the following diverse populations: visible minority, LGBTQS+, immigrant, indigenous, person with a disability?

Please submit a short video -OR- written submission following the criteria listed here: 1. Speak to what motivates you and inspires you in your chosen study and career path? Please speak to any aspect of your application and experience in your video/written submission. 2. Video should be maximum 90 seconds in length. Written submission 500-word maximum. 3. Submit video by including a link/URL to Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Please wait for the confirmation page after you submit your application.

Required documentation noted above must be sent to by the dates outlined above.