There are so many people giving back to their community.  Some volunteer or make a cash or an in kind donation. Others might hold a car wash, bake sale, hockey tournament, sell spring flowers etc.  When an individual, community group or business takes on the planning of an activity/event and all the net proceeds are given to a charity that was acknowledged throughout the event, that is called a third party event.
Why would someone host a third party event?  Well there are several reasons:

  1. A community group fulfilling their mission and goal
  2. A company may see this as a way to live out their values and corporate social responsibility
  3. It can help raise a company’s profile in the community
  4. They can help increase morale and can facilitate team building
  5. Individually, it can be a way to support a family member, friend or neighbour
  6. It provides a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself
  7. It allows an individual or group to feel like part of a community

We would love to hear your ideas for a third party event!  If you choose to host one in care of Sunbeam Centre, we can help you get started.
Please check out our new Third Party Events HERE page on the Sunbeam website.  We have listed our Policies & Procedures, as well as the Application and Agreement.  If you have any questions or you want to get started right away, connect with one of our Directors of Fundraising & Promotions Laura-Lee or April at