Sunbeam Community Living Services

Sunbeam Community Living Services serves individuals of all ages, having a variety of abilities and needs. Our services include – inclusive living in our group home programs, overnight respite programing, day program, recreation and wellness programs, and other therapeutic services and amenities.

The People We Serve

The people we serve have a wide variety of unique strengths and capabilities and require varying levels of support to enrich and enhance their quality of life. In addition to our commitment to serving individuals with developmental disabilities, Sunbeam also provides specialized programs for people who are living with complex needs that require medical and/or behavioural supports.

Community Living Services Leadership

Our leadership works closely with front-line direct support professionals in all of our programs in order to provide quality, compassionate and responsive care and supports.  Our collaborative approach extends to  Person Centred Support Planning with our clients, their families, and staff teams who are committed to enhancing the lives of the people we support every day.

Day Programs


Day Program photoSunbeam also offers an on-site Day Program at our Kingsway Drive location. The Sunbeam Community Outreach Day Program normally operates Monday through throughout the year (except holiday and summer shutdown periods.) Our focus is on developing daily living skills as well as sensory, leisure, social, and recreational skills, by offering a variety of activities, including community outings, volunteering, life skills, educational and learning opportunities, and special events.

Group Homes – Community Supports, Medical Supports and/or Behavioural Supports

Photo of staff and Persons served

Sunbeam provides 24/7 care and supports to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the persons served at our inclusive living group homes. With locations across Waterloo Region, Sunbeam homes are staffed with skilled and compassionate direct support professionals, as well as professionals, behavioural support professionals and/or registered nursing staff at some sites. For homes without onsite nursing, our community nursing team provides remote and mobile clinical supports as needed.  Indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to achieve a comfortable, home-like environment, while at the same time incorporating appropriate functionality, accessibility and safety features. The availability of social and recreational activities, as well as community outings provides variety and choice to the people we serve. Activities and supports in homes are tailored to meet the interests and needs of each client.

Access to Sunbeam’s group homes is coordinated through Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre (for children) or through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) Central West Region (for adults).


Recreation and Wellness Programs

Sunbeam’s Recreation & Wellness Program enhances the quality of life of the people we support.

With a focus on recreation, socialization, inclusion and community, including both physical and emotional wellness, the Recreation & Wellness team provides fun and engaging programming at locations throughout the community.

To learn more, please visit the Recreation and Wellness page at:

Specialized Services at Kingsway Drive

Sunbeam operates both a Dental Clinic and Seating Clinic at our Kingsway Drive location. A consulting dentist and registered dental hygienist provide assessment, preventative, and restorative treatment to people we support in our homes, and to people living with their families or other agencies in our community.

Sunbeam’s Seating and Mobility Clinic provides assessment and prescription of wheelchairs and other adaptive devices. These are based on a complex care assessment that is provided by our team. This is available to people who live in our homes, participate in our other programs and services, and to community clientele.

Therapeutic Services and Amenities

We offer a wide range of fully-accessible recreational and sensory resources at our Kingsway Drive location. Please contact us for more information.

Click on each thumbnail for more images of our facilities.

Photo of Snoezelen Spa

Snoezelen Spa

Canada’s first, combines the effects of the Snoezelen Room, within the therapeutic context of a whirlpool/hot tub.

Photo of Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen Room

A multi-sensory environment built by community donors was Southwestern Ontario’s first, and provides sensory stimulation within a calm, relaxing setting.

Photo of Therapeutic Pool

Therapeutic Pool

A 20 X 40 foot fully ‘stepped’ and ‘lift’ accessible pool is kept at a therapeutically warm temperature to promote muscle relaxation.

Photo of Life Skills Room

LifeSkills Room

This room replicates an ‘apartment’ setting most suitable for training of the activities of daily living and is a primary day program environment for clients. This is a totally separate area from ‘The Apartment’ and ‘The Loft’ which are used for weekend respite support.

Photo of Gym and Adventure Room

Adventure Room

Our refurbished gym, is a large day program area well suited to small and large group activities. We have integrated A/V and projection equipment available for use.

Photo of Classrooms


Our three versatile classrooms are integral for our Day Program, Passport Events & other activities.

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Our Consulting Dentist and Hygienist provide routine and urgent dental care services for individuals from our Community Living Services programs as well as clients from the community.

Seating Clinic

Seating Clinic

Offering therapeutic assessments and services to support individuals with customized solution enabling comfort and ergonomics, optimizing posture, breathing, eating and spinal alignment, while also alleviating pressure areas.  Creation of, or adjustments to custom made seating molds, with consultation regarding proper positioning. Our Complex Care Coordinator, and Consulting Occupational Therapist serve the needs of community and residential clients in our Seating Clinic.  Other supported products are walkers, standers, shower seats and commodes.