On March 26th, Ed Mann became the oldest resident of Sunbeam Centre at 79 years old. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sunbeam hosted a birthday party for Ed on March 28th. Both surviving siblings, Bob and Jim, along with their wives travelled from Burlington and Niagara falls to attend the party.  They were joined by more family as well, who came in from Burlington & Kitchener.
HERE is a Kitchener Post article called, ”Local Man Continues to Defy the Odds” – it’s the story of Ed’s life, as shared by his brothers.
Today, the brothers and extended family are thrilled to be part of Ed’s life and communicate regularly with the staff at Sunbeam about Ed’s health and life adventures.
Whaley House, Sunbeam Centre was the place to be on March 28th, with family, friends, and staff celebrating Ed’s birthday. His big, gentle hands always reaching out for a head rub is something you can’t quite forget. There were lots of stories shared of the brothers reuniting and they even helped Ed blow out his candles and show off his cards and gifts.

Happy Birthday Ed, from your family at Sunbeam Centre. We are elated that you have been reunited with your brothers and extended family.
Press Coverage
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