Family tree made of cartoon handsWe’re not always aware of the ways in which we are connected to one another and the impact we have on one another’s lives. You may never know how you have impacted those around you, as a friend, family member, or community member, but when you discover moments of connection and impact, we think it’s important to recognize and celebrate them.
Recently, a volunteer for Sunbeam, Kyle Deres, reached out to us after his step-grandmother, Carmelita Madamba, made a donation of a wheelchair to our centre. This generous act was only the most recent in a long line from the Madamba/Deres family and just a small part of our shared story. Kyle shared with us, “[w]e are glad to give [the wheelchair] to an organization that has been a part of our family for over 40 years.”
Kyle’s grandmother, Leticia Madamba, immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in the early 1970s.  Leticia’s first job here in Canada was working as a Personal Support Worker at Sunbeam Centre, which she did from 1973 until she retired in the late 90s.  Kyle’s mother and her siblings would frequently visit Leticia at work and developed friendships with some of the younger clients staying at Sunbeam Centre.
Then, two years ago, without knowing his grandmother’s prior connection to Sunbeam Centre, Kyle began volunteering at our Nine Pines home. When Kyle later learned his grandmother’s history with Sunbeam it made him “more proud to work at Sunbeam knowing that [his] family has been involved for so long.”  We are so grateful for this family and their continued presence and impact at Sunbeam Centre.
At this year’s Lighting of the Green ceremony, an individual we support came to the celebration in a new form of transportation and could not bring their wheelchair.  This visitor was very appreciative to be greeted with our onsite wheelchair so that she could fully enjoy the festivities.
At Sunbeam, with your help and support, we are creating home. If you have a multi-generational story related to Sunbeam Centre, please share it with us at or on our Facebook page.