Resurrection College“Seminary Will Move,” the Record headline read on February 8, 1969 after it was announced that Resurrection College would move from what was then South Kitchener to the campus of the University of Waterloo. The seminary consisted of two buildings (see photo), the lower building was purchased by the Vos family and on August 10th, 1972, the children from Sunbeam Home moved into the current premises at 2749 Kingsway Drive. The other building, holding a dormitory and chapel, was sold to St. Raphael’s Nursing Homes Ltd. of Toronto. Known now as Trinity Village, a retirement community, operated by Lutheran Homes KW.
Before the purchase of the seminary, Sunbeam was operating in separate locations in order to provide services for over 145 people. A lot has changed since 1973 – both in physical structure and atmosphere.  
1981:  Major renovations and expansion happened. Several residents moved to group homes throughout Ontario, many to be closer to their family homes. The St. Jacobs home opened to welcome 5 new residents.
1985: The Residential Development Centre, currently known as Day Program, was renovated to include a therapeutic pool, an adventure room (gymnasium), and three classrooms.
1990 – 1993: Three group homes were opened in Kitchener. Two of them were provided by the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services.
1994: Snoezelen room was opened. It was the second of it’s kind in Ontario. It is still currently used by residents, clients, and the community. See a photo here.
1996:  Two additional homes were opened.
1997: Our Snoezelen spa was created in the pool area to allow for sensory/relaxation elements with the therapeutic effects of a whirlpool spa.  Also day program service became available for clients living at home with their families.
1999-2001: Four additional homes were opened.
2004: Was the end of 48 years of institutional care. This was also the year that saw the opening of four additional homes in front of Kingsdale for 20 residents. They included new supports for medically fragile and technology-dependent individuals.
2009 – 2017: Three more homes were opened.
2011: Sunbeam assumed responsibility for operating Developmental Services Ontario Central West Region and Developmental Services Resource Centre was formed.
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