Ontario Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services Announces the Government’s Plan to Reform Developmental Services

“Journey to Belonging: Choice and Inclusion” lays out the ministry’s long-term vision for developmental services in Ontario, where people with developmental disabilities are supported so they can participate in their communities. It is a vision where people live meaningful lives and have access to the same opportunities and services as their fellow Ontarians.

At Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services, we are committed to supporting this bold plan knowing that together, we can make a meaningful impact and better support people with developmental disabilities.

To learn more about Ontario’s plan to reform developmental services, you are invited to:

1) View this brief Video Summary of the plan highlights

2) Read the plan on the Government of Ontario’s website

Click to access the full plan.

3) Access an Easy to Read version of the Developmental Services Reform Plan

View PDF below or open PDF in a new tab.
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