Vaccinated, grateful, and hopeful

Our Chief Executive Officer, Brian Swainson, was one of the driving forces behind Sunbeam’s leadership role in operating the COVID-19 Vaccine “Pop-Up” Clinics in March and April 2021.  Across local Developmental Services agencies in Waterloo Region, the pop-up clinics vaccinated approximately 3000 individuals living with developmental disabilities and their essential caregivers (family and front line staff).

individuals living with developmental disabilities and their essential caregivers were vaccinated at our local Developmental Services COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Despite this act of leadership, Brian was not vaccinated at our clinics back in the spring.

Are you wondering “why not”? A few people have asked Brian that very same question.

Brian chose to put our Sunbeam Community and the individuals we serve, as well as their essential caregivers first.  Brian believes in the importance of vaccines to protect himself, his family, and his community – including all of the people we support at Sunbeam. 

But good news! Brian just received his first dose on May 15th!

“It was very important to me that our clients and their essential caregivers be given the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as possible, so I waited my turn through the provincial vaccination prioritization process.  As CEO, I am not considered “front line”, even though throughout my career my passion has always been driven by my regular interactions and relationships with the people we support. My reason for being vaccinated is not about flexibilities and restrictions – it is simply about wanting to protect myself and others from the most serious risks associated with COVID-19 infection.

Persistence and patience finally paid off.”

Brian Swainson

Chief Executive Officer

As an organization that serves individuals with disabilities, who are often immunocompromised or facing greater risks if exposed to the virus, at Sunbeam we take health (and vaccination) seriously. We want our community to feel like a community again. We want to be able to gather safely and joyfully – and we have hope that  this will become possible very soon!

Why get vaccinated?

1. Protect yourself and your health.

The vaccine will protect you against the worst symptoms of COVID-19. 

 2. Protect the health of your friends, family, and wider community. 

Vaccination also protects those around you. You have no idea how many lives you touch in a day just by existing, a beautiful thing in normal circumstances. Getting the vaccine means being a responsible neighbour and community member that cares for the people around you – those you know and those you don’t.

3. Regain personal freedoms and flexibilities. 

We are already seeing, at the local and international level, that a person’s COVID vaccination status will be considered a factor when looking at flexibilities and levels of precautions in our communities and workplaces.

Ready to get vaccinated?

To register yourself or a loved one for COVID-19 vaccination, or to learn more information about the COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccination registration links for the communities we serve are provided below:

Where can I get vaccinated in Waterloo Region?

Where can I get vaccinated in Wellington County & Dufferin Country?

Where can I get vaccinated in Halton Region?

Where can I get vaccinated in Peel Region?

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