Local Advocacy for prioritization of individuals living with developmental disabilities for COVID-19 booster vaccine dose

Letter to Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Commissioner & Medical Officer of Health, Region of Waterloo 

We are writing on behalf of the Waterloo Regional Planning Table (Developmental Services Planning & Advisory Council of Waterloo Region) to advocate for the prioritization of individuals living with developmental disabilities to receive the COVID-19 “third dose” booster vaccine. 

We understand that Ontario has recently become the first Canadian province to approve a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for vulnerable people amid heightened concerns over the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant.  The scope of those persons eligible for this third vaccine dose being defined as those who received transplants, patients with hematological cancers, people who received an anti-CD20 agent as well as residents in long-term care homes, higher-risk retirement homes and First Nations elder-care lodges.

As fall approaches and the rise in Delta variant cases continue with the prevalence of “breakthrough” COVID-19 infections, we recognize that you are considering various options. We are seeking your continued support to prioritize booster vaccines for those with developmental disabilities in parallel with severely immunocompromised individuals and vulnerable elderly living in high-risk congregate settings.

Read the full letter below or open the PDF in a new tab.

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