Holidays 2022 at Sunbeam

The Holidays are all about celebrating with family and friends and community.  It is a time to show gratitude, and generosity and have fun. Sunbeam is no different and the holidays were an exciting time. We celebrated with our people supported, our dedicated staff and had a lot of fun doing that.

Holiday Season kicked off at Sunbeam with “Lighting of the Green” at Kingsway location. A very well-executed event with an amazing light display, live music and a bunch of very excited clients and staff.

Sunbeam Logo Santa Hat

A Gingerbread House decoration activity was also planned for both staff and people served. The idea was to have fun and spur creativity.

Last but not least staff were requested to share holiday theme pictures of their pets and the response was tremendous.

Sharing our holiday album here for everyone to enjoy!

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