Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services Granted Affiliate Membership with the Cambridge North Dumfries Ontario Health Team

Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services has been accepted as an affiliate member of the Cambridge North Dumfries Ontario Health Team (CND OHT). The confirmation was formally announced in December 2022.

The Cambridge North Dumfries Ontario Health Team (CND OHT) envisions an inclusive and connected community where accessible health and well being services are available for diverse populations.

Sunbeam has already worked in collaboration with CND OHT. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic Sunbeam has been an active participant at the” CND OHT Congregate Setting Working Group”. This opportunity will further enable Sunbeam to work with other affiliate and full member organizations  as one coordinated team to deliver primary care, rehabilitative, hospital care, long-term care, mental heath & addictions services & more. This opportunity also highlights the challenges faced by individuals supported by Sunbeam and their unique needs, to the table.

Sunbeam Chief Executive Officer Brian Swainson expressed his resolve to work closely with CND OHT to serve the community, he said;

“Sunbeam’s involvement at the Cambridge North Dumfries Ontario Health Team table thus far, and as an affiliate member moving forward is critical to ensuring that the perspectives, needs and overall health and wellness of persons with developmental disabilities are highlighted and included.  As a collaborative system partner, Sunbeam’s active participation within Ontario Health Teams ensures that the individuals supported and the developmental services sector overall benefit from the information sharing, identification of unique challenges, and development of innovative opportunities and solutions to healthcare system pressures which have a direct impact on the quality of life of persons living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.”

Sunbeam is also a member with the KW4 Ontario Health Team, the Provincial Network on Developmental Services, the Ontario Association of Developmental Disabilities (OADD), the Great Lakes Society for Developmental Services of Ontario (GLS), Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs (OASIS) and the Canadian Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).

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