Meet Sunbeam’s Recreation & Wellness Team!

With a focus on recreation, socialization, inclusion and community, including physical and emotional wellness, the Recreation & Wellness Program provides fun and engaging activities at locations throughout the community. 

Ed, Rina and Krista are three Recreation & Wellness Team members! They formed the Sunbeam Recreation & Wellness Department in January 2023. Together, they organize fun and inclusive recreational activities in the community.

Meet the Team below! 

Krista: Recreation & Wellness Supervisor

Krista graduated from the Recreation and Leisure Program at the University of Waterloo. She worked in Long Term Care as a Coordinator and Manager of Recreation for 18 years before joining the Sunbeam Community. Krista noted, “It was time to change careers, challenge myself and use my creativity in other ways.” Krista is passionate about the work she and her team do at Sunbeam and the impact their programming has on the quality of life for the people Sunbeam supports.

Ed: Recreation & Wellness Coordinator  

Ed graduated from Conestoga College with a Diploma in Recreation and Leisure. He worked in the Sunbeam Community for five years within the group homes before joining the Recreation and Wellness Team. Ed enjoys working as a Recreation Coordinator because he “loves the social connections you can make while increasing one’s quality of life.”

Rina: Recreation & Wellness Coordinator 

Rina graduated from the Therapeutic Recreation Program at the University of Waterloo and began working with Sunbeam as a Recreation & Wellness Coordinator in March 2023. Rina said she chose Therapeutic Recreation because she “wanted to work with people and create inclusive, recreation environments.” Rina enjoys planning creative, meaningful and purposeful activities. Rina added, “The activities we plan help the people we support to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.”

The Team’s goal is to to increase the quality of life for the people we support and break down barriers to participating in Recreation & Wellness programs within Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services and the community.

To learn more about the Sunbeam Recreation & Wellness Program, click here. 

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