✈️ Travel the world with Sunbeam’s Recreation and Wellness Team!

This is your boarding call to join Sunbeam’s Recreation and Wellness Team’s Passport Program to “travel the world”.

Sunbeam’s Recreation and Wellness team is excited to launch a new program that aims to showcase cultures and nationalities around the world. Through specially crafted programs and activities, our community will have a unique opportunity to gain exposure to different countries, embrace diversity and learn new skills. 

How it works:

Bring your Sunbeam Recreation and Wellness Passport to culturally-inspired events organized by our team. Each event will be themed around a specific country, with activities highlighting the experiences, cuisine and unique traditions of that country. Each person who attends an event will receive a stamp. The person/group home with the most stamps at the end of the month-long trip will win a prize! 

In February, we will journey to Italy! 

Sign up before the first of every month. Visit https://mycommunityhub.ca

View the list of Recreation events at MyCommunityHub. 

For more information on the program please contact: recreation@sunbeamcommunity.ca
To learn more about Sunbeam’s Recreation and Wellness Program, please visit:  https://sunbeamcommunity.ca/recreation-wellness-program
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