This week Sunbeam celebrates Staff Appreciation Week for 2024. A heartfelt Thank You to all of the amazing staff at Sunbeam!

The skills, commitment and passion of our employees are the driving force in support of achieving our Mission:

To provide innovative opportunities that enable the people we support to reach their goals and achieve recognition of their value in the community. 

Thank you to all Sunbeam staff for making such a positive difference in the lives of the people we support. Each of you truly embodies the spirit of the Sunbeam Community!

Meet some of our amazing staff!

Meet Sunny!

Sunny is the Administrative Coordinator for the Sunbeam Developmental Resource Centre Department. Transitioning from a role in recreation therapy within senior living and LTC/memory care, Sunny brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for empowering individuals and fostering inclusive communities.

Supporting our clients from behind the scenes has given them a unique perspective on the needs of the people we serve and a profound appreciation for the dedication of our staff. Every day is dynamic and fulfilling, filled with opportunities to assist, coordinate, and collaborate.

Sunny is excited about the future at Sunbeam, eager to integrate their passions for arts, music, and 2SLGBTQ+ education into their work. Their commitment to building strong, diverse communities makes them a perfect fit for our team!

Thank you, Sunny, for your dedication to Sunbeam and commitment to inclusion!


Meet Tracey!

Over the past four years, Tracey has been a dedicated part-time Direct Support Professional at Sunbeam Community Living Group Homes. For Tracey, her work at Sunbeam also hits closer to home – her role is not just a job, but a calling. 

Tracy’s son has received services through Sunbeam’s Day Program and Overnight Respite Services, and these experiences have deepened her appreciation for the impactful work done here.  Tracey loves being part of the Sunbeam Community and finds fulfillment in helping the people we support reach their goals and live full, engaged lives. 

“The staff at Sunbeam are amazing – more than colleagues, we’re a team dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ diverse needs.” Tracey’s commitment to high-quality care and inclusion reflects the culture of compassion that leads the Sunbeam team. 

Thank you, Tracey, for your commitment to Sunbeam’s mission!

Meet Tara!

Tara is a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) whose journey with Sunbeam began 13 years ago. With a personal connection to the Sunbeam Community through a family member.  Tara has always felt a strong bond with the work Sunbeam does.

Today, Tara remains passionately engaged in her role, emphasizing that she “cherishes the sense of belonging and community that we foster for the people we support.” At Sunbeam, staff are not just employees but integral members of a supportive community, providing top-notch supports with daily living, medical care in many of our programs and emotional supports.

Tara shares, “My work at Sunbeam is not just a job, it’s all about providing quality support, creating memorable experiences, and fostering personal growth for the people we serve.”

Thank you, Tara, for your commitment to providing quality support!

Meet Lauren! 

Lauren began her journey with Sunbeam at Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) – Central West Region in 2014 as an Assessor/Service Navigator. In that role, she completed assessments for applicants and provided resources to help them connect with their community.

Since transitioning to her current role as an Intake Resource Coordinator in 2018, Lauren has been a beacon of support for potential applicants and their families. Her passion for guiding them through their journey into developmental services, explaining the eligibility process and beyond, is truly inspiring. Working at the DSO for over a decade now, Lauren shares, ‘I find it incredibly fulfilling to be the first point of contact for individuals and to see them access services and support that enable them to enjoy life fully.’

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your commitment and passion for serving individuals and their families across the Sunbeam Community!

Meet Emmanuel!

Emmanuel is a devoted Behavior Support Worker at Sunbeam’s Lyndhurst Group Home. Emmanuel provides behavioural and emotional supports to the individuals residing there, striving daily to make a difference in their lives. He has been instrumental in helping the people we support to build community connections to foster inclusion.

Emmanuel shares, “Sunbeam is a great place to work, as a top agency in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Its well-defined operations ensure the health, safety, and enhanced life experiences of the people it supports!” He adds, “I am passionate about helping others and strive daily to make a difference in the lives of those we support! That is why I chose Sunbeam!”

Thank you, Emmanuel, for making a difference! 

Meet Jeanine!

Jeanine joined the Sunbeam Community as Reception & Administrative Support in the Fall of 2021. As the first point of contact for visitors at the Kingsway Campus, Jeanine is always eager to greet and welcome visitors to Sunbeam. 

Jeanine enjoys the diversity of her role, wearing many different hats each day as she interacts with visitors, clients, and staff, she shared “No two days are alike.”

Jeanine’s favourite part of her role is when the people we support come to visit her. She shares “Whatever small role I may play, I feel proud to be a part of an organization that makes a difference and creates a lasting impact not only on the people we serve but also on their families and the community.”

Thank you, Jeanine, for your dedication to Sunbeam. Your efforts amplify our mission and create a better community for all.

Meet Amy!

Amy started with Sunbeam 21 years ago during a school placement at the Zeller Group Home, where she discovered her passion for supporting people. She enjoyed building rapport with the people we support and learning how to best meet their needs. 

In her role at Sunbeam, Amy provides support with activities of daily living, promotes health and well-being, and advocates for inclusion and belonging. She always strives to help the people she supports to live their best lives possible.

Amy is especially passionate about promoting socialization by encouraging connections across the community, fostering friendships, and creating fun, lasting memories. She finds it incredibly rewarding to get to know the interests and preferences of the people she supports, helping to provide engaging programs and activities that enrich each person’s life.

Thank you, Amy! Your commitment to enriching lives and fostering community connections is truly inspiring.


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