Who Doesn’t Love Dinosaurs?

Nov 6, 2019Sunbeam News

Halloween is a fun, exciting time for most children, youth and even adults because for a night you can be something magical, scary, or just plain silly.

At Sunbeam our residents and Day Program attendees are young at heart so they embraced the festivities. They had a creative time carving pumpkins, then on October 31st, trick or treating at all the offices in the Kingsway Drive main building.

The smiles and laughter as their treat bags filled up were sights and sounds that warmed the heart. Many could be seen later in the day sporting their new sunglasses.

Marcel, a resident of our Kingsdale home, couldn’t wait until the 31st to show off his costume. He was thrilled with it and took it for a test drive around the grounds a few days earlier. Cassidy, a staff member at Sunbeam, played the role of T-Rex. Her and her mother did a fantastic job on the costumes.

The goal of Sunbeam is to encourage and support those we serve while helping them to learn, have fun, and be part of their community. Mission accomplished this Halloween.

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