Atreo cares! They really do!

Sunny Nakra comes from a very close and loving family, he has a particularly close bond with his grandfather which has taught him from an early age to give back to his community. After moving to Guelph to attend University, Sunny was able to experience what being a part of a community was like for the first time. Since then, he started Atreo Media and Atreo Entertainment, and the charitable branch aptly named Atreo Cares.

Sunny’s brother previously worked with children on the Autism spectrum and has an intimate understanding of the challenges families face when seeking assistance for their children. Sunny began to do some research regarding local organizations that make a genuine impact in the Waterloo Region Community that he could help support to honor his grandfather. Sunny came across Sunbeam Development Resource Centre (SDRC) in a web search and was amazed by the many programs and services that were available and that he hadn’t heard of and wanted to help!

Atreo Cares started a campaign where they would match and contribute $1 for every share of their social media post promoting Sunbeams services. Over the course of 1 month, they were able to raise $1030 to help support SDRC and Sunbeams’ much-needed respite programs! This contribution was very much appreciated, and we hope to continue a relationship with Atreo Cares going forward. For more information on Atreo Media, please follow the link:

SUNBEAM DEVELOPMENTAL RESOURCE CENTRE (SDRC) assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers in evaluating needs and connecting with community services and supports. We strive for effective and efficient service provision through the delivery of information, intake/referral, service coordination, clinical and resource supports. To date, Sunbeam has supported approximately 19,000 individuals and their families within Waterloo Region and will be celebrating it’s 65th anniversary on November 9th. If you are looking to speak with someone to explore services and programs for your child, please visit our website at

ATREO MEDIA is a branding and communications agency that helps small businesses transition online. Atreo Media focuses on businesses as Atreo Entertainment dominates the hospitality industry and Atreo Cares helps build the community. For more information visit us at or email Sunny directly at

Sunbeam relies on the generosity of its donor to keep its programs running. If you’re also interested in showing how much you care, please visit

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