Sunbeam’s Dental Clinic Gets a Treat from the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ

Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ

The Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ held its first annual BBQ event in a backyard in St. Jacobs with support of the Dietrich family and the many community volunteers and sponsors.

Since its beginnings in 2017, the event has grown and to date has been able to generate more than $50,000 which was donated to various programs and organizations within Waterloo Region that support families and individuals with special needs.

During the annual BBQ event this past summer, the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ was able to collect more donation dollars than they anticipated. As a result, on November 13, 2021, Will Jamieson and a group of volunteers of the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ presented Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services with a cheque for $14,000 to support Sunbeam’s specialized dental clinic.

Raymond Dietrich lived on dairy farm outside of St. Clements with mother, father and 8 siblings. He was lucky enough to have the support of a loving family and a very closely knit community which values both inclusion and diversity. Raymond happened to live with Down Syndrome and was able to make a lasting impact everyone he met and was very social. He was always the life of the party and enjoyed dancing, he was also part of various local sports teams and events.

Unfortunately, Raymond passed away in 2011 however, through the love and support of both his family and his community, his spirit lives on. In his honor, the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ was born which has been and will continue to support countless others with developmental disabilities.

In the photo, Sunbeam CEO, Brian Swainson, (4th from the left) can be seen accepting the generous donation from organizers of the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ. For more information about the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ, please follow the provided link:

About Sunbeam’s Specialized Dental Clinic

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic the individuals we serve at Sunbeam were significantly impacted as our dental clinic services were suspended.  As a result of this extended pause approximately 95% of the clients who regularly utilized the clinic have missed their annual appointments, check-ups, and any resulting treatments. 

Individuals with developmental disabilities in Canada may have limited access to oral health care, potentially resulting in poor oral health and quality of life. Understanding their challenges in accessing oral health care is particularly important, given that oral health care plays a significant role in improving health and well-being by alleviating pain and infection, preventing disease, and maintaining social function.

If you want to stay current on the progress of our dental clinic, please check our news page and social media regularly for updates. You can also call and ask to be put on our waiting list by calling Sunbeam’s reception desk at Kingsway at: 519-893-6200

The generosity and support from all those involved with the Raymond Dietrich Memorial BBQ is greatly appreciated. This generous donation will help us provide specialized dental care to people in Waterloo Region and beyond for years to come!

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