Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series

Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services was asked to present in a speaker series during a Diversity and Inclusion Lunch and Learn for Unitron Canada.

During this time, Sunbeam staff had the opportunity to speak about Autism, Neurodiversity, how to support inclusion in the workplace, stigmas associated with Neurodivergence, strengths of those with Neuro Divergence and how promoting an inclusive work environment, strengthens and organizations culture.

86% of Unitron staff indicated they found the information extremely helpful and expanded their knowledge about Autism and Neurodiversity. By learning about Autism and Neurodiversity, Unitron staff are able to promote a more inclusive workplace for anyone living on the spectrum. We thank Unitron for the opportunity to take part in this event and are so thrilled to see local employers taking steps towards creating an inclusive workplace for all of their employees!

There are still lots of opportunities to grow and learn in our community! if you are interested in learning more or to schedule a speaker for your organization, please reach out to Rehana Khanam at 519-741-1121 or by emailing at r.khanam@sunbeamcommunity.ca

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