A Homelike Atmosphere – courtesy of Sunbeam’s Amazing Staff

Sunbeam’s Nurses are such a vital part of the work that we do. Sure, they do similar work to nurses in other health care settings, but our nurses have the unique benefit of sustained engagement with each of the individuals in their care.  This allows the development of trusting and often long-lasting relationships between our nursing staff, the people they serve and their families. 

A combination of this fact, recent advances in information sharing, and the long service so many of Sunbeam’s nurses have provided, we often have decades of health and social history in our corner – this means that we are able to provide a level of care that is based in a deep understanding of who each person is as an individual.  It allows our staff to recognize behavioural cues, and piece together complex symptoms to arrive at the exact right solution for each individual case. 

This intimate knowledge, coupled with established relationships means that the individuals who call Sunbeam home are often able to bring a little bit of home with them, in the event that they require hospitlization.  Our Hospital Stay program is an excellent example of the benefit that comes from the way our nurses work.  Complex medical needs are not always able to be facilitated in traditional hospital care, and our nurses availabiltiy to fill in the gaps can make a huge difference in the success of treatment.   

Our very own Heather McDougall, says that one of the things she really enjoys about her work at Sunbeam is the commitment of the nursing staff, and their depth of relationship with the people they serve – “We do everything we can to support them and give them the best quality of life”, and Dr Jane Dignam recently shared that some of her favourite moments have been in her witnessing the interactio between the individuals served by Sunbeam and those who serve them. There is a palpable connection and a clear indication that Sunbeam’s nursing staff provide an environment that feels like home. 

Thank you to every member of Sunbeam’s growing nursing team for your dedication and skill.

Photo of Sunbeam Nurses: Heather, Kelly, Kaylee, Stallin

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