Lisa Gets New Wheels

IIn December of 2021, Lisa successfully obtained her wheelchair driver’s license. Both Lisa and Sunbeam staff were so proud and supportive of her accomplishment!

Lisa’s chair was getting worn from regular use and it was time for her to upgrade. For the past several weeks, Lisa was anxiously anticipating the arrival of her new wheelchair. On May 24th, 2022, that day had finally come!

This particular new chair would come with a variety of added features which would make daily tasks much easier for Lisa. Thanks to Abe and the skillful work of our Seating and Mobility clinic staff, the chair was also custom fit to Lisa’s body making extended use of her chair, very comfortable for her.

Congratulations Lisa for receiving your new chair and thank you to everyone in our Seating and Mobility clinic for taking care of not only Lisa but the needs of everyone accessing the seating and mobility clinic!

Lisa gets new wheels

A happy day: Simone, Mariana, Abe, Adriana, and Lisa in her new chair.

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