The Shout Out contest started in 2022 as a way for Sunbeam Staff to celebrate and honour their coworkers and all the big and little things we do to uphold Sunbeam’s mission, vision, and values. The contest started as an opportunity to encourage each other and feature the many staff who inspire others in their daily activities.

This year again the Shout Out contest was announced by our Training and Development Coordinator Jill Mercier. The contest ran for two weeks and was a huge success with over “90 shoutouts” received!

To celebrate the positive vibes a small informal event was organized to announce the winners. there were three sets of winners, Laura Thies Chief Operating Officer expressed gratitude to all participants and small tokens of appreciation were given.

Below are the winning shoutouts 

Lauren Johnston to Jeanine Galang

“I would like to shout out Jeanine Galang for always being positive and organized, she is someone that you can always depend on and helps out where needed.”

Kayla Jones to Kelly Karges

“Where do I even begin with Kelly? If you completed First Aid or Basic Life Support in the past year, you probably had Kelly as an instructor. She went WELL above and beyond in her role and extended herself tirelessly in this capacity. She has a love of learning and teaching and is respected by all that know her. Thank you.”

Jenna Snyder to Maria P

Maria P. at Zeller. Maria demonstrates Sunbeam’s mission statement daily while on shift at work. Maria not only is a top staff that will advocate for clients’ needs she does this by providing innovative opportunities for persons served to reach their goals and in some cases allows the to achieve recognition of their value in the community.”

 Thank you everyone for spreading some sunshine!

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