MCU Phase 1 Review

When Iron Man first released in 2008, Marvel became an instant success. It has since then grown to become one of the most popular entertainment franchises out there, sitting right by Star Wars and Harry Potter. Since I am a massive Marvel fan, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about, rate, and review all the MCU projects. However, since it is quite a large franchise, spanning 29 movies and 7 mini-series, I thought it best to divide it up by phase (which is how Marvel categorizes it). So, I decided to review each of the four phases individually with a possible concluding ranking. So, without further ado, let’s dive on in.


#1: Iron Man

I, like man other fans, really liked this movie. I thought it was well-paced, funny, and charming. It was great at setting up future events, while also being a great movie in its own right. People complain about the movie being predictable therefore boring, and although it can be at times, it still serves as a great movie and definitely worth watching.

I would rate this move 4/5 “suns”.

Four Suns Rating


#2: The Incredible Hulk

Now, how do I say this. While many people enjoyed this movie, I unfortunately am not people. There is nothing inherently terrible about the movie I just found it quite boring and predictable. It had its redeeming qualities of course, like the CGI and action scenes were pretty cool which could be entertaining at times, however it still feels like a chore re-watching this movie mid-marathon.

I would rate this movie 1/5 “suns”.

One Sun Rating


#3: Iron Man 2

Although this movie was definitely a step down from the first movie it is still quite enjoyable. The action was awesome, and the characters were hilarious, however it did suffer from bad pacing. Although it was a decent plot there were parts of the movie that were quite dull and hard to get through. Still, it is a decent movie overall and worth the occasional rewatch.

I would rate this movie 3/5 “suns”.

Three Suns Rating


#4: Captain America: The First Avenger

I really like this movie. The concept was intriguing and the fight scenes thrilling but I personally loved Steve Rogers and his character development throughout the movie. Although I loved it, rewatching it can get boring but not enough for you to turn it off.

I would rate this movie 4/5 “suns”.

Four Suns Rating


#5: Thor

This movie was very similar to Iron Man 2 in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Again, it had the bones of a good movie but could be improved with some pacing changes. The only reason why I enjoy this movie more than Iron Man 2 is because I love the character of Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, who really shines in this role and his banter with other characters is fun to watch.

I would rate this movie 3.5/5 “suns”.

Three and half Suns Rating


#6: The Avengers

Now, this is how you make a great movie. Everything about it is impeccable from the plot, the acting, the pacing, the dialogue, and everything in-between. At the time, interconnected movies like this were pretty uncharted territory, however this movie was executed flawlessly and it truly became a trendsetter and is still one of my favourites to this day.

I would rate this movie 5/5 “suns”.

Five Sun Rating

Overall, I think Phase 1 was a good introduction to the MCU and a great teaser of what’s to come. Although there were definite speedbumps in the road, Marvel learns and greatly improves for the most part over the next couple Phases. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading my MCU Phase 1 review.


Submitted by: Nour Haridy, Sunbeam Volunteer Blogger

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