MCU Phase II Review

In the last post I reviewed Marvel’s Phase one which includes the first six movies (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and Avengers). If you are interested in any of those you will find them posted earlier. As a continuation of my last post, in this piece I will be reviewing Marvel’s Phase 2 projects which encompasses 6 movies. I’m very excited to share with you my review of these next few movies so let’s dive on in.


#1: Iron Man 3

Now this is a movie I personally didn’t really like. I actually hated it upon first watching it, but it grew on me over time as I grew to appreciate the significant character development of Tony and not just focus on the action which was a bit of a step down. Although I still don’t love this movie, I still think it’s worth the watch.

I would give this movie 2.5/5 “suns”.

Two and a half Suns Rating


#2: Thor: The Dark World

This movie was a bit of a disappointment. In fact, many people including myself consider it to be one of the worst movies, if not the worst movie in the franchise. Since the movie didn’t have a very good plotline in the beginning it was a very difficult task to maintain the audience’s interest. Once again, the character of Loki was the highlight of the movie, and his appearances were quite honestly the only thing I liked about the movie. Although this movie is a bit hard to get through, you might still want to give it a shot because there is a very important setup for future events in the franchise.

I would give this movie 1/5 “suns”.

One Sun Rating


#3: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Now, this is perhaps my favorite film in the franchise. Everything about it is seemingly perfect and you can really see that this whole extended universe is really starting to pay off especially for a solo character film. This movie was grasping, witty, and emotional. I loved everything about it from start to finish.

I would give this move 5/5 “suns”.

Five Sun Rating


#4: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

This movie has a quite different tone from the other movies as it introduces us to new characters in a very different setting: outer space. These new characters each have their own interesting backstory which the movie does a great job of displaying. This movie was hilarious, and it showed how Marvel was truly beginning to improve on its faults and truly become a global masterpiece.

I would give this movie 4/5 “suns”.

Four Suns Rating


#5: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The second Avengers movie brought back our main heroes from the first film with some exciting new additions. Many people don’t really like this movie and though I understand why, I personally enjoyed it. Maybe it wasn’t as fast paced a thrilling as its predecessor, but it was still a good film. The new characters were great, and the villain was one of my favorites. Although there are some slow parts I think it was necessary for the emotional arc of the film.

I would give this movie 3.5/5 “suns”.

Three and half Suns Rating


#6: Ant-Man

This movie was quite different from the rest, being that it was more of a regular heist movie with a superhero twist which I really liked. The characters were solid, the jokes wore funny, and the plot was well thought out and well executed.

For that reason, I would rate this movie 4/5 “suns”.

Four and half Suns Rating


Overall, I think Phase 2 was on par with Phase 1 with the good and the bad balancing out, and it only goes up from here. The next Phase has some truly amazing movies which I look forward to talking about. Until then I hope you enjoy this piece.

Thank you for reading.

Submitted by: Nour Haridy, Sunbeam Volunteer Blogger

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